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The Jackson County Extension office provides assistance and programs for citizens in five main areas: Agriculture, Horticulture, Family and Consumer Science, Natural Resources and 4-H Youth Programs.
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About 4-H

4-H is a community of young people, across America, learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills.

4-H began a century ago as an educational program for the nation’s rural youth. Today, 4-H meets the needs of and engages young people in positive youth development experiences. These experiences are based on the idea that young people should be regarded as resources to be developed. 2002 marked the centennial of 4-H and renewed commitment to helping shape youth and communities. In looking to the next century, 4-H further develops its programs and continues its mottoe of ” Making the Best Better.”

4-H Mission
4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential, working and learning in partnership with caring adults.

4-H Vision
A world in which youth and adults learn, grow and work together as catalysts for positive.

Join 4-H

Am I old enough to be in 4-H?
4-H age is based on the age of a member as of December 31st of the current year.

Cloverbuds: 5-7 years of age
Junior: 8-10 years of age
Intermediate: 11-13 years of age
Senior: 14-18 years of age

When Can I enroll?
4-H has an open enrollment policy. Members and leaders can enroll at anytime throughout the year. However, open enrollment to participate in these projects is as follows:

Market or Breeding Beef- October 1st through Beef Weigh-in
Market or Breeding Swine, Lamb, Goat, Rabbit or Poultry- October 1st through Weigh-in in June
Horse- October 1st through May 1st
Dog- October 1st through May 1st
Shooting Sports- October 1st through Orientation( generally around 1st of May)

How do I enroll?
If you are a new family to Jackson County 4-H please contact the Jackson County Extension Office to notify them that you will be enrolling in 4-H.

Then please visit 4-H Online to enroll in 4-H.

Does it cost to join 4-H?
Yes, there is an enrollment fee of $22.00 per member which will need to be paid before a member is considered “Active”. Members must be an “Active 4-H member” to attend, local, district or state activities or to weigh-in animals.

4-H Council Requirements

  • Attend two (2) 4-H Council meetings.
  • Participate in a minimum of one (1) 4-H Council Activity.
  • Complete all requirements for the 4-H clubs I am involved in.
  • Submit a completed record book in October for all of my livestock, horse and/or dog projects by the established deadline.
  • Clean the SCD building as assigned (one cleaning per 4-H family).

4-H projects

4-H offers many different types of projects. The list below are the Projects in our County that have Leaders:

Livestock (Beef, Swine, Goat, Lamb, Rabbit & Poultry)
Shooting Sports (Archery, .22, Shotgun, Air pistol, Muzzleloader & Outdoor skills)
Model Rocketry
Horseless Horse

Full list of State 4-H Projects

4-H Project E-Records