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8-14-17 4-H memo

Happy Monday Everyone!!

PLEASE READ THE ATTACHED SHEET REGARDING IMPORTANT FAIR REMINDERS!! Please keep reading the 4-H memo’s weekly!! We will post important info in them as well.


Last Council Requirements: SCD Cleaning
Houston’s- week of August 21st
Kimberly Delco- week of August 14th


Skill-a-thon Test Day for Animal projects will be  August 15th from 9am-3:30pm

Marketing brochures and Fair BBQ tickets are reprinted and ready to pick up. Remember it is your responsibility to market the Junior Livestock Sale to the buyers.


Fair Entries Due by Friday, August 25th!
August 1-25th, please stop by the Extension Office to pick up or fill out and pay for your North Park Fair Entry Forms. Entry forms are needed for all Livestock, Poultry, Rabbit, Dog & Horse projects. The final deadline for submitting your Fair Entries is Friday, August 25th!


Buyer Gifts Due by Friday, August 25th!
You will need a gift for each animal or meat pen that you plan to sell. All buyer gifts are due packed, wrapped and tagged with your name and species to the Extension office NO LATER THAN Friday, August 25th!!! Don’t wait till the last minute to get this done. Attached is a sample of a tag.


Plan for Fair Set-up day on Monday, September 4th at 9:00 am.


*Are you monitoring your 4-H livestock project animals’ weights?

We have now connected the scales up at the Scale House on the Fairgrounds where they will stay till the North Park Fair!  If you haven’t already done so, plan a time soon to check your 4-H project livestock weights for swine, lambs, goats and steers.  This will help you monitor their performance, adjust feed and exercise as needed, and help you collect data to enter in your record books!   There are instructions for using the scales posted in the scale house.  Most importantly, ALWAYS remember to unplug the scale electronics when you are finished so it won’t be destroyed by lightening if it occurs!!  Your 4-H Leader or the Extension staff can provide more instruction if needed. Stop by or call the Extension Office Monday-Friday to pick up keys, as we are often not available on the weekends. Since we only have one set of keys to loan, please return them immediately after use!!!!

Minimum and Maximum Market Livestock Fair Weights:

Swine:  225-290 lbs
Lambs:  100-160 lbs

Goats:  50-130 lbs

Steers: 1000 lb Minimum – no Maximum


Please call the Extension Office at 723-4298 if you have questions!


Have a great week!


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