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8/17/2020 4-H memo

Good Morning,

Congratulations to all the 4-H Shooting Sports and Horse members on your Fair shoot and show this past weekend. You all did an amazing job!! Congrats.


  • LEADERS: Before you plan any type of activity for your club please contact me at the Extension Office. If it is an event that cannot in anyway be done virtually then we will need to fill out an exemption form and get approval. Approval is not instant so please give me plenty of notice.


  • August Council Meeting- TONIGHT August 17th @ 5:30 pm at the Grandstands at the Fairgrounds. We are asking that all 4-H members and at least one parent attend this meeting as we will be going over Fair plans and updates.
  • We have North Park Fairbooks at the Extension Office.
  • Remember that if you do not complete your Council or Club requirements, you will be unable to participate in Fair.
  • Marketing Materials are now available at the Extension office. I am out of brochures, will have more by Friday.
  • Livestock and Dog entries will be due August 27th. Private treaty forms will be due along with fair entries.
  • Be thinking of who you would like to invite to the Fair Sale.
  • Buyer Basket’s, start planning on what to put in these, they will be due August 27th.


  • 4-H Council meeting tonight, August 17th @ 5:30 pm at the Grandstands at Fairgrounds. Due to some conflicts I had to change this meeting.
  • Livestock & Dog entries due August 27th @ 4:30 pm.
  • Buyer Baskets due to the Extension Office by August 27th.


  • Scale head is at the Fairgrounds . We need to keep better track of the keys and who is using the scale, so here is how to get keys.
    1. We have two lock boxes attached to the milk can by our front office door.
    2. One is labeled A the other is B. You will need to text Lacey (970-819-0102) or Aleigh (970-846-3834) to request the code.
    3. DO NOT SHARE THE CODE!!! We need to be able to track who has used the scale and when.
    4. Once you have weighed your animals, return the key ASAP!!! Other families need to weigh also.
    5. If your animals seem sick in ANYWAY, please do not take them to the scales unless Lanny has checked them out. We do not want to spread any illnesses!
  • Please check with me to see if your kid(s) need any Council requirements still.
  • We are selling cookbooks as a fundraiser. I am asking each kid who sells cookbooks to try and sell 5.
  • We are also selling truck raffle tickets. I am asking each kid who sells them to try and sell 10.
  • 4-H Council Requirements- please get these requirements done ASAP.
          * Attend at least 2 council meetings- ONLY 1 left!!
          * Participate in a minimum of 1 Council community service- Done
          * Participate in a minimum of 1 Council fundraiser- truck tickets or cookbooks
          * Complete all requirements for the 4-H clubs you are involved in
          * Submit a completed record book in October
          * Clean the SCD Basement once a year.

Have a great day. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns

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