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4-24-17 4-H memo

Good Morning All,

Here it is the last week of April!!!


Deb will be out of the office until May 2nd. Lacey will be in the Office Monday-Thursday from 6:00 am-4:00 pm.


Dog & Horse Id’s are due May 1st. If you are a returning member you must reactivate your horse or dog each year.

Meat Quality Assurance Training- May 2nd @ 6:30 pm @ Wattenberg Center

May Council meeting is May 9th @ 6:30 pm

Swine, Lamb & Goat Weigh-in is June 3rd, 9:00-11:00 am.

Rabbit & Poultry members must notify the Extension Office by June 3rd with the intent to complete a rabbit or poultry project.


State 4-H Conference: To All 4-H Senior 4-H members (ages 14-18 by Dec 31, 2016),

Attached you will find the information packet for the 2017 Colorado 4-H Conference on the CSU campus to be held Tuesday, June 20-Friday, June 23.  4-H Council typically agrees to fund a few members to attend this great leadership event and always supports our two Jackson County 4-H Senators to attend.  Any 4-H participant who decides to go will need to plan on bringing about $75 of their own money to cover 2 dinners, 1 lunch and snacks that are not included in the conference registration which 4-H Council will most likely agree to pay.  I always attend as the Jackson county chaperone.


This year the planning committee is offering a number of choices for the workshop selections.  There are also contests offered if you are interested in competing in one or more of those.  State 4-H Conference offers a great opportunity to stay in the CSU dorms and explore campus, enjoy time with old and new friends, and participate in some great leadership experiences.


Please review this information packet and let me know immediately if you have an interest in attending.  If so we will have you fill out a form in the Extension Office that indicates your top choice in the workshops because those will fill up fast on a first come first serve basis when registration opens on May 1 and closes May 12.  Also if you want to be in a contest, we’ll need to make sure you prepare!  Please note that if you register near the closing date, your workshop choices will definitely be limited.


Shooting Sports Members:
All 4-H Shooting Sports members who shoot .22, shotgun or muzzleloader are asked to pay a $20 shooter fee to help cover the cost of ammunition and supplies. Please pay your fee prior to the first practice.

Fees can be mailed to the CSU Extension Office at PO Box 1077 Walden, CO 80480 dropped off at our office at 312 5th Street or given to your leaders.


Jackpot Committee Members:
We sent out sponsor letters last week, so please remember to call the sponsors your signed up to call and ask them if they would like to help sponsor our Jackpot. If you have forgotten who you signed up to call, we have a list at the Extension Office.


Save the Date!! Northwest Colorado EXPO is in Kremmling, CO this year, June 12th-16th!!! Registration will be done through 4-H Online. Look for an email with instructions on how to register soon. Registration deadline is May 25th.


Reminder of Council Requirements
* Attend two (2) 4-H council meetings
* Participate in a minimum of one (1) 4-H Council Activity
* Complete all requirements for the 4-H clubs I am involved in
* Submit a completed record book in October for all of my livestock, horse or dog projects by the established deadline.
* Clean the SCD basement as assigned (one cleaning per 4-H family)


Please call the Extension Office at 723-4298 if you have questions!


Have a great one!

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