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6-19-17 4-H Memo

Good Morning All,


Jackpot was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who was able to help make it that way!!


Save the Dates:

Council Meetings
July 11th & August 8th
Record books Checks
July 11th-August 8th    


Pioneer Reunion Treats: These folks signed up to provide the following treats, please drop by the Extension Office by 4:30 pm Thursday June 22.

Nic Martin- 2 dozen cookies

Devynn Johnson- cinnamon rolls

Austin Bertron- 2 dozen cookies

Lexi Crews-2 dozen cookies

Ellie Oberbroeckling- 2 dozen cookies

Levi Wofford- Brownies

Jonathan Gonzales- 2 dozen cookies

Beck Paulsen- Rice krispy treats

Carlstrom’s- Bar cookies

Kayla Jenkins- Cookies


Pioneer Reunion Servers: Please show up at the School lobby by 11:30 am on June 24th:
Devynn Johnson

Austin Bertron

Lexi Crews

Dallas Morgan

Ellie Oberbroeckling

Levi Wofford

Jonathan Gonzales

Gavin & Aiden Pittington

Ben & Marti Elze

Riggen McKay

Pace & Paxton Hackett

Wilson Florell

Hunter Sessions


Reminder of Council Requirements:
* Attend two (2) 4-H council meetings- only 2 left.
* Participate in a minimum of one (1) 4-H Council Activity
* Complete all requirements for the 4-H clubs I am involved in
* Submit a completed record book in October for all of my livestock, horse or dog projects by the established deadline.
* Clean the SCD basement as assigned (one cleaning per 4-H family)

If you are unsure of what requirements you have met, please call the Extension Office. 4


Please call the Extension Office at 723-4298 if you have questions!


Have a great one!


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