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4-11-22 4-H Memo

Good Morning Everyone,

Welcome to APRIL!!


  • Shooting Sports Organizational Meeting- April 25th @ 6:00 pm at the Wattenberg Center. If your kid(s) are planning to be in shooting sports they must attend this meeting with at least one parent.
  • 4-H Camping trip June 7-9th. Date changing, we will be discussing at the April Council meeting, conflicts with current dates.
  • If you lose any animals after they have been tagged and Id’ed at weigh-in, please contact me with the tag number, so I can mark them off our weigh-in sheet.
  • Our next council meetings will be: April 11, June 7 (possibly changing this date)  and August 8. Please try to attend the majority of these meetings as we do vote on important events and topics.
  • Meat Quality Assurance training will be on May 17th at 4:30 pm at the Wattenberg Center. This is for all FIRST YEAR 4-H members and also for all first year SENIOR level 4-H members. This is a required training to be able to participate in livestock projects.
  • Swine, Lamb and Goat weigh-in will be June 4th at 8:00 am at the Fairgrounds.
  • North Park Jackpot- American Rumble 2022 will be on June 11th. Registration will be online. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. I will email out the link, once the registration is complete. Set-up will be on June 10th at 8:00 am @ the Fair grounds. Helping set-up and/or helping the day of Jackpot will count towards your Council Fundraiser!!!!
  • Northwest Colorado Expo will be in Rio Blanco County (Meeker, CO) June 13th-17th. Registration will be done through 4-H online. Registration is open from April 1st– April 30th. Please go to to register.
  • 2021-2022 E-records are available, please go to the Jackson County Extension website to download e-records. 4-H E-Records – Jackson County Extension ( PDF versions still have the 2020-2021 year on them, they are working on changing them and I will upload the correct ones as soon as they are done. If you have issues with the record books, please let me know and I can print you a copy if that would be easier.
  • Please see the Important Dates section for important deadlines to sign up for projects.


  • Council meeting at Wattenberg Center @ 6:00 pm
  • Shooting Sports Organizational meeting- April 25th @ 6:00 pm
  • Meat Quality Assurance- May 17th @ 4:30 pm
  • Project Drop deadline: June 1st
  • Swine, Lamb & Goat Weigh-in June 4th @ 8:00 am
  • 4-H Camping trip- June 7-9th– Dates will be changing
  • North Park Jackpot- June 11th
  • Northwest Colorado Expo- Meeker, CO- June 13-17th
  • Shooting Sports Fair Date August 6th at 9:00 am
  • North Park Fair Horse Show August 7th at 9:00 am


  • Attend 4 council meetings- only 3 left, April, June and August
  • Participate in a community service project
  • Participate in a fundraiser
  • Clean at the SCD once per year
  • Complete and turn in a record book for each project you are enrolled in

Have a great day. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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